Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall is Annual Report Time!

This picture was taken after a storm when it was still foggy outside... It's fall!

Fall is a great time for me to work on my Annual Report, A what you ask... Well in my crazy mind it's the only time I am not busy with random things, So I can work on my scrapbook, it also seems to be the time of year that I get a diffrent job... It seems to be a trend that in the fall I get "new job fever" I don't recommend getting it, as it's not great unless you are pregnant and need a stress free job. So I am back at Hobby Lobby, I enjoy doing the very basic cashier jobs and helping customers with their crafting needs, oh and the discount is great!

My annual Report is my scrapbook. I have decided to call it that because the only time I get to work on my scrapbook is in the fall, it is like an annual report that I can do once a year of all the pictures that I have took and put a scrapbook together with journaling and other random things. I have our Iowa City scrapbook that is 3/4 of the way done! yay I am so excited! and an 8x8 scrapbook I Call my Favorite Things,it includes the pictures I have gotten over the years with a story but I don't want to scrapbook them in a annual report Scrapbook sothey get's to go in this book. The idea behind it is one picture per page and a short story or paragraph that describes why I love it. There is a lot of random pictures... It should be fun to journal!

So if you need inspiration to work on your scrapbook, take a month or two and do it when you are not to busy. make a mess and don't worry to much about it, it's a temporary thing. It has worked for me the pass two years.

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