Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dutch Letters and Tag Blanket

I amaze my self when ever I can make new things and they turn out... This Friday was my day off and I made Dutch Letters for the first time and I made a Tag Blanket for Chloe.

I started with the Dutch letters, or what I thought would become such. The filling was amazing so yummy and almond-y and good but the dough yah not so much. So when the recipe gives you instruction on how to make the dough you should follow it and not go with something else entirely different like I did. Dutch Letters have this really yummy light pastry dough that is soft and perfect. However to get the yummy goodness of the dough you need to spend an hour to make the dough. My thought was who in their right mind would spend an hour on the dough when you could get almost the same thing if you buy the dough right? WRONG! I bought Fillo Dough you know the thin pastry dough by the pie crust dough at the store? I never worked with Fillo Dough but hearing about it made me think that ok, it's not going to be exactly like Dutch letters but close enough, I mean the filling is what really counts, NO. The crust took me almost 2 hours since I had to put butter in between each layer and they would fall apart easily so that made a mess, anyways what I thought would be a huge time saver and taste fine turned into is a time waster and a completely different take on Dutch Letters. Grrr. they have a crunchy crust and a yummy center so I have yet to give it (my concoction) a name but next time I will know to follow the recipe even if it's seems like it's going to take a long time. So this time I did not amaze myself with my baking abilities, oh well there is always next time.

Chloe is due in 3 months! Wow I never thought I would be saying this and now that its 12ish weeks away I have been starting to say I have 12 weeks left instead of I am on week 28! So since time will fly by I have started to prepare for her by making things and getting things ready for her arrival. I made the cutest Tag Blanket. I haven't used a sowing machine for 6 years, and thought this would be a great project to make as an introduction to the wonderful fabric world. So here is proof that I can indeed sow and I can make something super cute! I think I did a great job of picking out the fabric and ribbon and can't wait to take pictures of her with her pink girly girl tag blanket! I amazed my self that it had to be posted with a picture!

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