Saturday, April 23, 2011


Life is crazy around here, and I feel a sense of acomplishment of just being able to post some pics! This picture is of Chloe playing make believe with her fairy dress on! I personally love the wings! and it's sweet that barbie is also in the picture!

What a sweet time in Chloe's development to play!
Chloe loves to dance and that is what she is doing right now! so fun!

a Bouquet of flowers, We made during a cold rainy morning, she loved it and kept wanting to smell the flowers!

Some one was sly: do you see that one nest doesn't look like the rest? hum... next time I will keep a better eye on miss thing!

yep that smirk gave her a way!
What did her friend DG get at the Easter egg hunt?
And my Favorite pictures, she was ready to be done I could just hear her say "mom are we done yet it's cold and were out side!"

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