Monday, May 26, 2008

My Hair Donation

I decided this week that it would be a great time to cut my hair! I love getting a haircut, I usually only get one about every one to one and half years, so It was due, I haven't cut me hair since last January! So it was time. I found this awesome place that take hair donations and make wigs out of the donated hair for women that have lost their hair to Chemotherapy! It is sponsored by Pantien Pro-V. I am so proud to be part of that and hope to spread the word around, for any one else that has been thinking about cutting their hair, Beautiful Lengths only requires that you donate 8 inches instead of the usual 10 inches that most places need. go to and see if you can donate if your hair is long and you want a cute summer hair cut.

So it usual takes me to grow 8 inches of extra hair in a year and a half, so next time I donate will be in November of 2010!

new pictures of me coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, It's Becky Wessel--I noticed you haven't posted in a while, are you and Gary all right? Did you have to leave your home because of the flood? Let us know how you are doing!