Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

So this is my first real entry I am excited and I promise that I wont have a ton of those slide shows on here but I had to start some where. Is it me or has Valentines day arrived so slow this year? I am not saying that my life is dragging on and on, it the opposite but when we get snow storm after snow storm it is so nice to have a day dedicated to love, and what better time to do it then in the middle of old yukky winter? Maybe after Valentines day winter will seem shorter and warmer weather will start coming.

Gary and I do have plans for Valentines day I am excited! We are going to a Bed and Breakfast in Keokuk IA. it's right off of the Mississippi river where you are able to watch Bald Eagles, I am excited to try and photograph these awesome subjects because it's a challenge that I hope to conquer!

I have decided that Valentines day should be the National Cup Cake day, what better way to let people know you love or care for them with a yummy cup cake? So maybe I am weird, I get that a lot, but for the last 3 years I have made at least 4 dozen cup cakes for others, usually for work and for gar's class but it's still really fun to do. It will be one of our family tradition, even if I am not working I will still make them and then deliver them to families that will enjoy them. So if you need a easy and fun Valentine's day idea do cup cakes.

Happy Valentines Day, stay warm do something fun with or for your Sweat Heart and eat some chocolate or have some cup cakes!

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Jen said...

Love that top picture of you and Gary. Very sweet. Your V.Day weekend sounds wonderful! Glad we aren't having a snow storm right now! Have a good time!
Jen Russell